Virtual Reality Construction Lab


Now Available on VR Game Platforms

Virtual Reality Construction Lab Game

Go outside the classroom and get on a job site. Test your memory and matching skills. Get rewards and unlock new levels of difficulty when you assemble components correctly. Complete the assembly in record time and post your scores. Fun for anyone who is curious about construction assembly details. Full body motion, climb ladders, immersive audio, visual reward systems, embedded video instructions and more.

Data Collection Complete. Come back to see the Project Roadmap.

Pre-screening (Ended)

Part 1

Start by completing the pre-screening questionnaire. Qualified participants will receive links and instructions via email to download and install the Game or book an appointment.

VR Experience (Ended)

Part 2

Follow the link in your email to download and install the Virtual Construction Lab on your VR headset. Complete all the game levels. Write down your time of completion and the survey password.

Feedback (Ended)

Part 3

Complete Part 2 and return here. Access the questionnaire using the survey password from the VR Application. Once all steps are completed, you'll get confirmation of your submission.

VR Construction Lab Credits

Game Developer - Hassan Anifowose

Key Game Sponsor - Chronos Studeos

Key Advisors - Dr Manish Dixit, Dr Wei Yan

Game Level 3 Content - International Masonry Institute

Game Level 4 Sponsor - SwiftWall

Special thanks - Dr. Stephen Caffey, Dr. Ann McNamara, Dr. Ashrant Aryal